One of the most successful and reliable breweries in the city was The Detroit Brewing Company, below, which was established in 1868 by Martz and Company.  They were then succeeded in 1874 by the firm of Martz Bros.

Here and now, in 2010, we have all the latest in equipment to insure that all your items get the proper attention they need; whether they are frozen products or just need to be kept cool.  Our crew will see to it that your products are taken care of properly.

Just a call to us will ensure that our crew will have your order ready promptly for your pick up at your request.  It doesn’t matter what you need to store, whether it is plants and flowers, books, meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables, Metro Cold Storage is the place you need.
Our current building was built in 1864.  That year saw General Custer's last stand while Samuel Clements was writing The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in Huckleberry Finn.
The sketched picture above was circa 1868; the building was rebuilt in 1884.
Organizational History